Foster Children


Background Information

Every single year approximately 800,000 children are put in the foster care system just in the United States and every week 60,000 of these kids are victims to all different kinds of abuse and neglect. Every single year 40,000 infants are put into the system where 80-90% of them were because of their parents substance abuse. On average, children stay in the system for almost three years (31 months) before either being reunited with their families or adopted. Almost 20 percent wait five years or more. Children have on average three different foster care placements. Frequent moves in and out of the homes of strangers can be profoundly unsettling for children, and it is not uncommon to hear of children who have been in 20 or 30 different homes. Many have been separated not only from their parents, but from their siblings. More than 20,000 children each year never leave the system — they remain in foster care until they “age out.” Thirty percent of the homeless in America and some 25 percent of those in prison were once in foster care. 44 percent (or about 241,000 children) have reunification with their birth families as their case goal. 48 percent were in foster family homes (non-relative), 24 percent were in relative foster homes, 18 percent were in group homes or institutions, 4 percent were in pre-adoptive homes, and 6 percent were in other placement types. The average age of a foster child is 10. Half are 10 or under.

Our Plan

With your donation today 100% of the money received will go to help our local foster care children pay for school supplies, clothes, adoption fee for qualified parents or any other necessity the children may need. We will work with the local offices and make sure all the funds are being used to ensure the children’s interests are being put first. Help us provide the resources needed to break the cycle and bring happiness and joy to our local foster children.